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  Mai 2022  

Visit 2022 : Memories / Souvenirs

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May 2022:

Twinning Visit to Oignies

Wonderful to be back in Oignies...

 - It's been quite a while.

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Countdown to / Compte à Rebours vers Buxton 2023

Following Alain Ciezlak's excellent pictorial countdown last year, Jim Marriott has taken up the baton on behalf of the Friends of Oignies. There will be a new picture representing Buxton available every week, along with some curious, and often little known facts; a series of 48 images leading up to the date when les Amis de Buxton arrive.

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Monday 2nd May:

Buxton Spring Fair

Back on the road with the Friends of Oignies stall; representing and promoting the Twinning in Buxton

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Sunday 14th November:

Remembrance Parades in Buxton and Oignies

Members of Friends of Oignies and les Amis de Buxton attended the service on the slopes, where a wreath was laid on behalf of the Twinning. The report also includes some pictures from the Armistice Day Parade in Oignies

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Saturday 30th October:

Association AGM 2021

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Sunday 8th August:

Friends of Oignies : Summer Social

Finally... a real life, in person, non-virtual, social event!


Countdown to Oignies 2022

We are all hoping that we can finally visit our Friends in Oignies in 2022. Alain Cieslak, in collaboration with Images - the Photographic Society in Oignies, is sending us a series of 52 pictures. A picture for every week of the year leading up (hopefully) to the visit.

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On the Road Again with les Amis de Buxton

"Around the World in Eighty Moments" with our Friends from Oignies.

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Saturday 29th May:

Twinning by Zoom - Edition Déjà-Vue

Still virtual for the 2nd year running; still as enthusiastic and still as much fun as ever...

Vive le jumelage - The spirit lives on!

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