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Saturday 9th November:

Christmas Greetings from Oignies

Saturday 25th November:

Dickensian Market '23

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Sunday 12th November:

Remebrance Day in Buxton and Oignies

Friday 12th May:

Mayoral Charities

- Friends of Oignies receive a cheque

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April 2023:

Twinning Visit to Buxton

After four long years...

 - Fantastic to see les Amis back in Derbyshire at last.

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Buxton 2023 : Memories / Souvenirs

Click below / Cliquer en dessous

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Bienvenue les Français

- A Welcome Display in the Hargreaves Shop Window

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Les Français Arrivent!

- Twinning Weekend 21 - 25 April

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Where's Oignies?

- Christmas Map Quiz

Saturday 26th November:

Friends of Oignies Stall

Dickensian Market 2022

Remebrance 22 #2.jpg

Sunday 13th November:

Remebrance Sunday in Buxton and Oignies

AGM 2022 #2.jpg

Saturday 8th October:

Association AGM 2022


  Mai 2022  

Visit 2022 : Memories / Souvenirs

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Arrival 2022.JPG

May 2022:

Twinning Visit to Oignies

Wonderful to be back in Oignies...

 - It's been quite a while.

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Solomon's Temple.jpg

Countdown to / Compte à Rebours vers Buxton 2023

Following Alain Ciezlak's excellent pictorial countdown last year, Jim Marriott has taken up the baton on behalf of the Friends of Oignies. There will be a new picture representing Buxton available every week, along with some curious, and often little known facts; a series of 48 images leading up to the date when les Amis de Buxton arrive.

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Spring Fair 2022 #3.jpg

Monday 2nd May:

Buxton Spring Fair

Back on the road with the Friends of Oignies stall; representing and promoting the Twinning in Buxton

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