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Friends of Oignies Miscellany

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Friends of Oignies 2022 Wall Calendar

dickensian 18 (9).jpg

60L x 22W x 12H (cm)

45L x 24W x 16H (cm)

dickensian 18 (6).jpg

60L x 24W x 16H (cm)

45L x 24W x 18H (cm)

These highly individual, eco-friendly wooden planters have been handmade by members of the association, using recycled timber recovered from kneelers previously knelt on over many years by the parishioners of Tideswell. Suitable for use indoors or out.

To order your planter, please contact a member of the committee or email:

All proceeds go to the Friends of Oignies.

Manufactured using recycled timber from old Tideswell kneelers!

dickensian 18 (1).jpg

Eco-Friendly Wooden Planters

Limited edition wooden planters - only 4 available

for just £10 each

For the solution to the Rope Ring Puzzle, click the link below.

Puzzle Solutions

Christmas Puzzle Solutions

The solution to the Eureka Puzzle, is here...

...and the solution to the Two Beads Puzzle, here.

Event resources

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