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  Visit to Buxton 2023  

  21 - 25 April  

Our Amis from Oignies will be arriving in Buxton on Friday evening 21 April and leaving the Tuesday morning 25 April.


More details on the programme of events over the weekend will follow in due course.

Wednesday Zoom

  Anglo-French ZOOM Sessions  

  40 minutes or so of Friendly Franglais every week  

The Zoom sessions are currently paused over summer break. We hope to restart soon.

A chance to brush up on your French and have a chat with some of our Amis from Oignies via ZOOM.


Following on from the first virtual Soirée, which took place in lieu of our cancelled visit to Oignies in 2020, several people expressed an interest in further group sessions on ZOOM, particularly with regard to improving their language skills in French/English. We started holding these these meet-ups in June and they have been great fun with up to a dozen members joining in weekly from both sides of la Manche. The format is fairly ad hoc, with a mixture of English and French spoken in a lively informal atmosphere. The duration tends to vary depending on the numbers, with people free to join and leave à volonté.

If you would like to join in, please let us know via and we'll send you details.

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