Twinning Weekend 2022  

With the last two annual visits cancelled due to the Covid Pandemic, we are optimistic that this year's visit to Oignies will finally go ahead - travelling from Buxton to France on Friday, 27 May, and returning on Tuesday, 31 May. We have now booked a coach for members wishing to travel together. See below for more details.

Buxton will be hosting les Oigninois in 2023, continuing with the tradition of reciprocal visits in alternate years thereafter.

The coach will be leaving from Burlington Road in Buxton at 4:15am on Friday 27th May and returning on the evening of Tuesday 31st. We’ll be crossing the Channel on a DFDS ferry sailing from Dover at 12 noon with the return passage booked for 2pm on Tuesday. The crossing takes approximately 2 hours.

Can all those travelling by coach meet on Burlington Road at 4am ready for a prompt departure at a quarter past. It is important that we leave promptly to allow time for the transit through Dover, especially given the recent problems and delays at the ferry port.

We’re doing everything we can to make sure we have a smooth and enjoyable visit, but please note that it is each member’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of (and comply with) all current travel requirements for France. Members should also be aware that they are responsible for our own travel and health insurance etc. as the Association is not able to provide this.


As far as we are currently aware these are the main travel points:


  • For everybody travelling by coach we need the following Advance Passenger Information (API) which we must provide to the ferry operator before we leave.

- Full name (as it appears on the Passport)

- Date of Birth

- Nationalitty

- Passport No.

- Country of issue

- Expiry Date​

  • Don’t forget to bring your Passport! The date of issue must less than 10 years before the date of travel and it must be valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the ‘expiry date’). 

  • If you have been fully vaccinated against Covid you’ll need to bring a proof of vaccination, available via your NHS online account, these are valid for 30 days after issue, if you haven’t yet set up an NHS account you can do it here:

- https://help.login.nhs.uk/ setupnhslogin/

  • The NHS proof is usually provided as a .pdf document (via email) which you can display on a smart phone, but it’s probably best to print a paper copy to be on the safe side. The record card which you may have been given after your vaccination will not be accepted. 

  • If you have not been vaccinated you’ll need to bring proof of a suitable negative test. Check here for current requirements:


  • For those travelling independently our hosts are preparing for our arrival in Oignies at approximately 5pm (local time).

...and don't forget

This year’s dress theme for the Dinner Dance in Oignies will be “Pin up dresses / white shirts, braces and caps”


  Pre-visit Social Event  

  Tuesday 17th May 6pm to 8pm at the Cheshire Cheese in Buxton  

This will a chance to get reacquainted with your fellow Friends before for the trip. We’ll also be passing on any final arrangements and details for the journey, so please get along if you can.

We will also need need Advance Passenger Information (API) for everyone travelling by coach - as detailed above; so please bring a copy of your required information (or a photocopy or photo of the relevant page of your passport) along to the meeting. This will allow us to collate details for everybody travelling and pass them on to the ferry operator in advance of the trip.

If you can't get to the meeting, please let us have your API details via email at friendsofoignies@gmail.com before Tuesday evening.


  Anglo-French ZOOM Sessions  

  6pm (UK) every Wednesday  

A chance to brush up on your French and have a chat with some of our Amis from Oignies via ZOOM.


Following on from the first virtual Soirée, which took place in lieu of our cancelled visit to Oignies in 2020, several people expressed an interest in further group sessions on ZOOM, particularly with regard to improving their language skills in French/English. We started holding these these meet-ups in June and they have been great fun with up to a dozen members joining in weekly from both sides of la Manche. The format is fairly ad hoc, with a mixture of English and French spoken in a lively informal atmosphere. The duration tends to vary depending on the numbers, with people free to join and leave à volonté.

If you would like to join in, please let us know via friendsofoignies@gmail.com and we'll send you details.

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