Anglo-French ZOOM Sessions  

  6pm (UK) every Wednesday  

A chance to brush up on your French and have a chat with some of our Amis from Oignies via ZOOM.


Following on from the virtual Soirée, which took place in lieu of our cancelled visit to Oignies, several people expressed an interest in further group sessions on ZOOM, particularly with regard to improving their language skills in French/English. We started holding these these meet-ups in June and they have been great fun with up to a dozen members joining in weekly from both sides of la Manche. The format is fairly ad hoc, with a mixture of English and French spoken in a lively informal atmosphere. The duration tends to vary depending on the numbers, with people free to join and leave à volonté.

If you would like to join in, please let us know via friendsofoignies@gmail.com and we'll send you details.

  Twinning Weekend 2022  

Unfortunately due to continuing uncertainties regarding the current COVID crisis we have had to cancel 2021's planned Twinning Visit to Oignies in May for the second year running. Les Amis de Buxton have kindly invited us to visit in 2022. Hopefully les Amis will be able to carry over arrangements and financial commitments for a further year, in order that the advance costs and organisational effort will not go to waste.


The provisional dates for the visit to Oignies in 2022 are as follows: We would travel to France on Friday, 27 May, and return on Tuesday, 31 May.

On this basis Buxton would therefore host les Oigninois in 2023, continuing with the tradition of reciprocal visits in alternate years thereafter.

Further details will be posted on the website in due course.