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Saturday 25th November 2023:

Buxton Dickensian Market

Dickensian 23 3.jpg

Magnifique!? Easily the biggest stall there!

Dickensian 23 5.jpg

Recognise anyone?

Our French Celebrities Quiz

Saturday, 25 November saw the 2023 edition of annual Dickensian Market in the Buxton Octagon. It was a busy day on the Friends of Oignies stall, raising funds and promoting the the Twinning. We managed to tale just under £200, a valuable contribution to Association coffers. There was also plenty of interest in the 'Who's who of French celebrities past and present' picture quiz. The bottle of champagne was won by Janette Sykes of Buxton with an excellent score of 24/26. Well done Janette!

Un grand merci to les Amis de Buxton. Each and every family contributed an item or two for sale on the stall, which were brought over on the coach from Oignies earlier in the year. 

Many thanks also to those loyal members who did a stint on the stall or contributed items for sale.

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