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Sunday 10th November 2019:

Remembrance Sunday

in Buxton and Oignies

Buxton's Remembrance day parade took place on the slopes on Sunday 10th November, where the Friends of Oignies Association was represented by Derek Thomas: Chair of the Association, with committee members Anne Johnson and Perce Calvert. Also present were members Jane Calvert and the Bloomfield family. A wreath was laid on behalf of the Association at the foot of the war memorial on the Slopes.

The Buxton Oignies Twinning came about as a direct result of links between the two towns which were forged in 1940, during the darkest days of World War II.  

You can read more about the history of the Twinning and the tragic events that took place in Oignies on the about us page here.

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The Memorial Service on the Buxton Slopes

Perce, Anne and Derek by the War Memorial

Perce Anne Derek.jpg

Our wreath: "Remembering the fallen -- The Friends of Oignies Association. Buxton's twin town"

Buxton Wreath 2019.jpg

On the same morning, in the Pas de Calais..

...our Friends from Oignies were also holding their service of remembrance, to honour the town's inhabitants, who fell during the two World Wars.

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