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14th November 2021:

Remembrance Sunday

This year’s event was very well attended and a world away from last year’s service which took place during the second lockdown when people were being told to stay away and not come out.

Military representatives, Councillors, standard bearers, cadets, Brownies, Guides and Scouts along with Fairfield Brass Band formed the parade which made its way from behind The Town Hall to The Slopes for a short service at the cenotaph led by Reverends Andrew Parker and Liz England.

Véronique Bernard (who was in Buxton for the weekend with Sabine Bessant) joined Derek Thomas in laying a wreath on behalf of the Buxton and Oignies Twinning Associations and it was good to see other members of The Association also present to pay their respects.

With The Crescent now open, the parade was then able to head down Terrace Road, in front of the Cavendish Arcade and to The Crescent for the salute to the deputy mayor of High Peak and the vice lord lieutenant of Derbyshire before heading on into the Pavilion Gardens for refreshments.

The Buxton Oignies Twinning came about as a direct result of links between the two towns which were forged in 1940, during the darkest days of World War II.  

You can read more about the history of the Twinning and the tragic events that took place in Oignies on the about us page here.


"All gave some... Some gave all


On behalf of the Twinning Associations

'Friends of Oignies' and 'Amis de Buxton'

We remember them"

Derek and Veronique 2 mod.JPG

Derek and Véronique laid a wreath on behalf of the Town Twinning


Le Jour de l'Armistice à Oignies

Oignies Armestice 2021 (1).jpg

And here are some pictures of the Armistice Parade that took place in a few days earlier in Oignies on the 11th of November, 2021

Oignies Armestice 2021 (3).jpg
Oignies Armestice 2021 (2).jpg
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