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Saturday 25th November 2017:

Twin Towns with Twin Market Stalls

L'étal des Amis de Buxton à Oignies. Les marchandises festives et du thé anglais !

Sue and Karen manning the Friends of Oignies stall at the Dickensian Market in Buxton.

It was festive Markets all around this weekend. Our magnificent Friends of Oignies stall was open for business at the Pavilion Gardens Dickensian Market on Saturday, where we came 2nd in the most impressive stall competition! Meanwhile in Oignies, nos amis français were busy raising funds at their annual Marché de Noël which ran through Saturday and Sunday.


At the Dickensian Market we raised £166.52 for the association, selling a selection of handmade wooden puzzles, and ornamental fir tree shaped decorations - which were manufactured in Karen and Paul's workshop by a dedicated team working under Derek's expert supervision. Various other items made or donated by members of the association were also on sale. A  big thank you to all who contributed to supplying and/or helping with the stall.

We still have a few of the wooden puzzles available for sale. They are great fun to try and solve, and would make excellent stocking fillers for Christmas. Plus all profits go toward the funding of future exchange visits.

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