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Saturday 16th November 2019:

Buxton Dickensian Market

This years stall, shortly before opening, as Anne prepares for the first customers of the day.

The stall ready and waiting.JPG
Anne and the Dickensian Market stall.JPG

The Friends of Oignies Stall was back in business for the 2019 Dickensian Market in the Octogon, raising funds and promoting the Twinning. This year we raised £160.20 for the association. Thank you to all members who contributed or helped out with the stall; with a special mention to the knitted Christmas bunting and tiered cake-stand teams. 

Meanwhile in Oignies...

...Well actually the following weekend, our copains Français - Les Amis de Buxton - were holding their annual Marché de Noël,

with the usual range of all things English including marmalade and tea. 

Marche de Noel 19 #2.jpg
Marche de Noel 19 #1.jpg
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