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Saturday 17th November 2018:

Friends of Oignies Stall at the Dickensian

Just before opening, as Perce and Anne put a few finishing touches to the stall .

Julie and Anne minding the shop.

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dickensian 18 (10).jpg

Buxton's Festive Dickensian Market was back in the newly refurbished Octogon for 2018, on Saturday 17 November. The Friends of Oignies stall was open for business as usual, raising funds for Twinning visits, along with publicising the Association and its activities to the good citizens of High Peak.


This year we raised £160.20 for the association, selling a selection of jewellery, accessories, scarves and various other items. A big thank you to all members who donated items for the stall, and to everyone who helped out on the day. Particular thanks also to Sue Quas-Cohen and Karen Done for organising and managing the merchandise for the stall. We are also very grateful to Morrison's Supermarket, Buxton who donated a selection of Christmas flowers for us to sell.

After Saturday's market we still have four original FoO eco-friendly wooden planters available for sale to members. These  'limited edition' planters would make excellent Christmas gifts, Order details and pictures here.

All proceeds go to the Friends of Oignies.

Meanwhile in Oignies, au Marché du Noël... 

marche de noel 1.jpg

La Reine d'Angleterre?

marche de noel 2.jpg

Breakfast in Oignies - A fine selection of tea and marmalade 

A week later, during the following weekend, our French counterparts, Les Amis de Buxton, were busy at their annual Marché du Noël in Oignies, with various English themed items on sale including de la marmalade et du thé anglais. Apparently there was also a brief visit from HRH Elizabeth II, who even took a turn on the stall! (see picture) Though she does seem to bear a remarkable resemblance to Sébastien the Pharmacist...  

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