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Contact details and Data Protection Compliance Form

If you are an existing member, please enter your name and then indicate your data preferences further down the page, answering all questions with yes or no. If you are a new member or wish to amend/confirm any of your  details, please add them below where relevant, and then complete the data preferences section. Don't forget to click 'submit when' you have finished.

(Preferred contact number)

(For urgent use)

Please use the box below to add the names, ages (if 18 or under or if in full time education), and relationship to you of other family members who are to be included in your membership.

Would you like to stay with a local family on our next (long) weekend in Oignies, and to host when les Amis de Buxton come to us on their next visit? The annual twinning visit is the principal event of the calendar, and is hosted in alternate years by the Oignies and Buxton Associations. It is not obligatory to participate in the visits however!

Please use the box below to indicate any medical, mobility, dietary needs or other relevant information you think we ought to know about when arranging trips, events, hosting etc.

Data Preferences

As a member of Friends of Oignies we will keep the information you have provided above on record in compliance with our data protection policy detailed in the privacy notice (detailed here).

Please indicate below whether you consent or not to the specified details being shared with and/or circulated to other members of The Friends of Oignies Association.

Mobile No.
Home Phone

Do you also consent for the details selected immediately above to be additionally shared with the 'Amis de Buxton', our counterpart twinning association in Oignies, for the purposes of organising the twinning visit and arranging accommodation with corresponding families?

Under no circumstances will The Friends of Oignies share any of your details with other organisations or third parties - with the sole exception of Les Amis de Buxton if you have so consented above - without first obtaining your express permission.

Please review your information and preferences above, and then click on the 'submit' button.

Thanks for submitting!

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