Countdown to Oignies 2022

A series of 52 images of Oignies; one every week over the coming year, will mark the 52 week countdown to our visit to see les Amis de Buxton, which is set to take place on 27th May 2022.


Obviously this date must remain provisional for the present, and will depend on developments regarding the current health emergency. However, after two cancelled visits, the situation would appear to be improving steadily, and we are increasingly hopeful for 2022. So, it is in this optimistic spirit, that Alain Cieslak along with Images - the Photographic Society in Oignies - have organised this Countdown of photographs, a sort of Twinning Advent Calendar if you will, to remind us what we have all been missing over the last couple of years...

  • Click on any picture to zoom it out, or click on the small number for details about the image.

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