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April 2019 - Visit Feedback Form

We hope everybody has enjoyed this years twinning weekend, and that you have all had a great time with your French guests. Once the dust has settled, and we have all paused for a breather, the FoO committee will need to start planning the programme for the coming months. To fund the twinning activities – principally the weekend hosted in Buxton, we need to raise around £100 per member over the 2 year cycle, principally through events and socials that we organise throughout the year.

In the interest of variety, we are looking to try out some new ideas, please indicate if any of the following would be of interest.

On the other Hand; if you have any ideas for an event, and/or if you would be interested in organising something yourself with the help of the committee please put your suggestions below.  

We would also be interested to hear any feedback you may have on the twinning weekend this year, and also any suggestions you may have for twinning visits over the future years.

Please click 'submit' below when you're finished.


Thanks for taking part, and for your contribution to what we hope has been another successful and enjoyable year.

The FoO committee.

Thanks for submitting!

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