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AGM 2021 voting form

Given that we are holding the dance supper on the 26th November, the Committee has decided to hold the AGM via ZOOM, as we did last year, rather than try to organise two social events within a couple of weeks. The 'meeting' will be held on Saturday 30 October at 7:30pm. If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can still cast your member's vote on the elections and motions, as detailed in the meeting agenda, by using the 2 web forms below. Every adult member is entitled to vote.

The AGM Agenda and Financial Accounts are available to download here:

AGM Agenda

The minutes of the last (2020) AGM can be downloaded here:

Alternatively, you may wish to communicate your voting intentions in writing via the Association Secretary : Sue Quas-Cohen.

Voting Form 1 - Elections

Members listed below, currently on the Committee, have offered to stand again and continue in their current roles. No other candidates have come forward at present; however nominations proposed at the AGM will be considered. Should anybody wish to put their name forward, please let the Association Secretary know details in advance if possible 


For each member below, if you are are happy for them to continue in their role, please click the 'I vote in favour' option. You also have the option to abstain or to vote against if you so wish. You can also choose to allow the duly elected chair to vote for the other committee members on your behalf. Please complete your name, before selecting the appropriate options. Don't forget to click on 'submit' when you have completed the form. Then pass on to voting form 2 - Motions to the Membership. 

Association Chair - Derek Thomas
Option to allow the Chair to vote for committee members on your behalf. Leave blank if you wish to cast your votes for the committee individually below.

*If you have checked either of the options above, please scroll down and press the 'submit' button, and then pass on to the 'Motions to the Membership' section of the form. Otherwise please continue to cast your votes below.

Association Deputy Chair - Ian Hamilton
Association Treasurer - Peter Bloomfield
Association Secretary - Sue Quas-Cohen
Publicity Officer - Chris Clegg

Committee Members

Karen Done
Sue Hodgkinson
Perce Calvert

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

Voting Form 2 - Motions to the Membership

There is currently only one motion on the AGM agenda; the re-election of the Association Accountant. Please enter your name and indicate your vote below, and don't forget to click submit when you have voted.

Any motions proposed by members on the night of the AGM will also be considered, again however, please let the Association Secretary know the details in advance if possible.

Vote to increase the annual membership subscription to £25 per adult member from September 2022
Vote on the motion to re-elect Peter Quas-Cohen as Accountant to the Association

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

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